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Agile and the Seven Deadly Sins of Project Managing


All boats leak.  The question isn’t “is this perfect?”, the question is “will this get me there?” The real goal is to go somewhere.

My notes based on Mike Cohn presentation.


  • fix all dimensions of the project will induce overtime, cut quality
  • add people – risky
  • cut business but that’s could be a problem with management
  • FIX: timeboxes, fix iteration length but variable number of iterations, predictability (velocity)


  • to much/more features
  • FIX: priority order, see progress, working at a sustainable pace (see picture)


  • loosing focus on doing high quality work, not doing testing/unittests
  • FIX: simple design, automate testing, TDD, CI – find NOW if something is broke, pair programming, refactoring


  • obscuring quality, progress or other attribute
  • for quality: not knowing bugs count, done vs not done
  • schedule: burndown chart
  • FIX: show real progress of the team


  • we believe that we know everything to build the product => lack of stakeholders and user involvement
  • not learn anymore
  • FIX: retrospective, standups – get feedback, US – work closely with users&customer


  • misuse of resources (time, motivation, losses of creativity)
  • FIX: timebox, daily standups (small sleep – focus on things),


  • teams who don’t see the big picture
  • individuals who work only within their roles
  • FIX: release plans, cross functional teams