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Why Agile ?

A deep overview, philosophy and different agile development methods can be found on Wiki.

In my opinion the benefits of Agile are:

  • It’s a methodology that’s deliver value to customer, faster.
  • Manage rapidly the change of priorities (Nowadays there is a high market pressures and technology advances. We need to be responsive to change and manage that)
  • Mitigate the risk by continually sharing your progress with your customer in order to validate what you are building is really what they want – DAY by DAY with your customer
  • Reduces uncertainty, remove waste
  • Short time-to-market
  • Increase revenue by focusing on customer value
    • Agile produces the high business value in the shortest time by developing products in iterative incremental manner.
    • Each sprint (2-4 weeks) evolves requirements definition, product design, coding and testing.
    • The result after each sprint is a potentially releasable increment. Each other sprint will evolve the product.
  • Improved quality
    • fewer defects into production (testing always not only at the end of the cycle)
  • Start to get feedback from production
  • Sprint retrospectives – an organized way for improvement
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